A bit of history

Archibal, a division of B2M Group, was founded in 2016 to meet the growing needs of thousands of SMEs across Quebec. Its team of seasoned professionals totals over 75 years of shared expertise on the various aspects of asset management, security and compliance. Whatever the situation may be, they know how to handle challenges that are specific to SMEs, which are in dire need for information security and compliance solutions.

Archibal professionals have an extensive background in information security within large corporations. Their past experiences have put them face to face with numerous situations requiring them to dig deep to find creative solutions. Driven by a desire to transfer this knowledge to SMEs, they drew on innovation to find the approach best suited for this kind of company. The services they have developed as a result are tailored to the reality of your company.

Archibal follows in the footsteps of B2M Group and adheres to the same values—they encourage a work team that promotes synergy between the client, the team members involved and the implementing partners. Archibal provides its clients with specialists who charge themselves with meeting objectives and delivering their expertise. They aim to establish reliable security that eliminates risks, both in the long and short term. Archibal facilitates information sharing and remains flexible in their organizing to achieve best practices.