APP Glance

Has your company created applications for mobile devices?

Make sure they’re completely secure!

Are your iOS and Android mobile applications secure

Did you know that applications can prompt security breaches that could compromise data stored in mobile devices?

Are you aware that your mobile devices contain sensitive information?
Example: (Contact lists, Passwords, Bank accounts, Documents and photos)

APP glance will answer all these questions!

We use cutting edge technology to analyze your mobile applications and help you sidestep unpleasant situations. Don’t take risks with your mobile app security.

Archibal will provide you with a detailed report for each application analysis conducted.

Analyses starting at $479

You’ll receive a detailed analysis of each application’s vulnerabilities, including:

  • Classification;
  • Veracity;
  • Identification of faulty coding;
  • Solutions.

Editing or adding features can introduce new security breaches, putting your clients’ mobile platforms at risk.

Every time you update your applications, Archibal recommends conducting a thorough security review on different mobile platforms before going live.

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