Security is everyone’s responsibility

The Archibal team is here to guide you through the complex whirlwind of protecting your information against security breaches that are increasingly sophisticated and difficult to detect.

Don’t wait until you’re the next victim of a cyber attack.


Easy, Affordable, Effective.

Our security inspections can help your small business quickly detect and correct security flaws.

The Inspector

The Inspector is an extensive analysis of your external services that focuses on finding and resolving security breaches. Don’t be caught off guard.

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The Advocator

The Advocator is our service for raising awareness. During a business lunch meeting, we’ll discuss various aspects of security for all company employees and managers.

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The Mentor

The Mentor is our training service for employees in your company’s technical departments. They’ll gain the knowledge they need to lay the foundation for IT security and interact with the resources involved in it.

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APP Glance

APP Glance is a service that inspects the mobile applications developed by your company to ensure their security. No company wants to compromise the security of its own mobile devices, much less those of its clients.

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The Check-Up

The Check Up is a free service that helps you detect your company’s often unsuspected entry points. There might be several breaches you have no idea about that could compromise your security health. Get rid of your doubt—it’s free!

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A growing threat

Ransomware is a specific kind of malware that partially or fully blocks victims from accessing their computer and data.

Cybercriminals demand that a ransom be paid by a given date and generally in bitcoins. Bitcoin is an electronic currency that is nearly impossible for law enforcement to trace, and it’s worth as much as hard cash to cyber perpetrators.

In other words, not only is your computer taken hostage, but paying the ransom won’t even guarantee you’ll get your data back.

The Ashley Madison Case

« After a cyberattack in 2015 that resulted in millions of users’ data being revealed, the affair focused dating site Ashley Madison was annihilated during the investigation of two data protection authorities. The service took a lot of liberties with the security and personal information of its clients.»

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200 Million Yahoo Accounts Stolen

« After LinkedIn and Myspace came Yahoo’s turn. The cybercriminal Peace of Mind announced having put over 200 million Yahoo users’ personal data up for sale. The data may have been stolen during a hacking episode targeting the company in 2012. »

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The Water Quality Case

« In its report, the American operator details the case of an anonymous water treatment plant that fell victim to repetitive cyber attacks. The hackers are thought to have manipulated the valves and the amount of chemicals added to the water. »

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Don’t wait until you’re the next victim of a cyber attack!

An experienced specialist will contact you to lay out the details of the analysis.

If the final analysis identifies attack vectors that pose a serious threat to your company or simply leave you feeling uneasy, we can offer an advanced service to fully identify each of the security vulnerabilities and breaches associated with the various vectors.

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