The Advocator

An underestimated service in information security

Our Areas of Expertise

Social engineering
Legal compliance
Mobile security
Online shopping
Malware and ransomware viruses
Office hygiene
Social media
Phishing (email/spam)
Physical security
Personal email

Your company’s security starts with you and your employees.

Technology crimes have been on the rise in recent years. How can you protect yourself? It all starts with raising awareness across the board at your company.

The internet offers a number of online solutions in the form of a presentation followed by a quiz. Is this approach really effective? We’re not convinced. It certainly can’t hurt, but in what environment are you employees completing these trainings? Are they really paying attention to the presentation? Probably not.

We can offer an in-person solution: « The Advocator » . We run this service as a lunch meeting with a small group of employees in a calm environment. The more we talk about security with them, the more they’ll understand it and the better they’ll be able to apply a secure work method to your company. We want cyber security to feel second nature to your employees.

We’ll cover one topic per session, and employees will participate in relevant exercises and role playing. They’ll get to discuss the topic, share their fears and past experiences and ask questions. Each company is different, and each person has their own level of understanding. That’s why online training, even when very well done, can’t always fully get through to your employees.

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It all starts with knowledge. The more we inform companies’ staff and management teams, the fewer entry ports are left open to criminals. Let’s work together to bolster your sensitive data protection.

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